About Q Art - Endeavour Foundation

QArt operates as an Australian Disability Enterprise which provides employment, mentoring and training for professional artists with intellectual and physical disabilities.  We are innovative and forward-thinking organization, who provide a supportive environment for artists. The studio works with artists of all abilities, providing them with the resources and support they need to create and showcase their work. Building a sense of community and foster a culture of kindness and compassion.

Our Story

QArt exhibits and sells the artists’ work in the Gallery, located in Kew. The work of the artists is also used  as the basis for mass produced products such as greeting cards, aprons, t-towels, limited edition prints and art tiles.

 QArt Studio, part of Endeavour Foundation is a commercially focused disability employer. We believe that all Australians’ deserve the opportunity to participate in the workplace in roles that are active, progressive and build upon their personal capabilities.

QArt Studio is able to provide real jobs with real wages in a supportive and growing environment. Our profits are distributed back into the organisation to grow the business, increase our capacity and skills, and improve the health and wellbeing of our employees.

Our work is professional, creative and contemporary.

By purchasing artwork from QArt Studio and Gallery – in store or online – our artists enjoy secure employment, and productive and engaged lives within the community.

QArt Studio employs artists with disabilities in real jobs with real wages.

QArt Studio Artists talk about what their professional art practice means to them

I like colour, patterns and design – I am a colourist.  It all comes naturally to me.

Lucette Crozier

Art lets me enjoy my creativity and I love to see how much it can flow out of me.

Sarah Gibson

It means putting my craziness and energy into my painting. I can add my sense of humour into my work.

Kitty Yiu

Art means relaxation – it keeps me calm. But I like to be busy doing art.

Ashlea Hill

Art makes me smile. .. and laugh. I enjoy my work – doing art.

Sarah Gibson

Art is about having skills and creativity.

Jarrod Wendt

Art means colour – art is pretty good!

Ralph Dawson

Art means that I can create worlds and people and life in my own perspective. Art is fun and it calms me.

Holly Walton

Art is doing new things and not staying at home. I like it when people buy my paintings.

Tiffany McBroom

Art means a lot to me as I have been creative all my life. It gives me independence. What I like most about working in the studio is that I make friends, socialize and do art work.

Miranda Millane

I do like working… and I like drawing.

John Bates

Art is the expression of creativity. What I like most about working at the studio is the expression of creativity. I also like the companionship.

Reeve King

I like to work here. I really like it.

Steven Wears

Art is fun for me. Mostly I like to draw in the studio.

Ayaka Soga

Art means Expression. Bringing the IN outwards. I like the studio because it is a childhood dream come true.

Lisa Hine
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