Under the Same Sky - 2023 QArt Exhibition

Under the Same Sky - 2023 QArt Exhibition

Under the Same Sky - Opening the 28th of October 2023

QArt Gallery, Kew Court House, 188 High Street, Kew 3101

"Under the Same Sky" is a captivating exhibition that celebrates individuals living with disability. Through their remarkable works of art, these artists provide a unique perspective on equality, reminding us that beneath our differences, we all share the same dreams, aspirations, and humanity. Sharing the "Same Sky."

This exhibition showcases an array of artistic styles, paintings with a burst of vibrant colors, evoking deep emotions. Each piece of art offers a profound insight into the world of these talented artists and invites viewers to challenge their perceptions.

"Under the Same Sky" is a testament to the power of art to break down barriers and promote inclusivity. It is an inspiring reminder that equality is a universal right that transcends physical and cognitive differences. Join us on this journey of discovery as we celebrate the creativity, resilience, and unique perspectives of artists living "Under the Same Sky."

Gallery open Wednesday-Friday 10am - 3pm

A group exhibition featuring artwork of Julian Campomizzi, Henry Deakin, Jordan Dymke, Stefan Farina, Shelby Gardner, Sarah Gibson, Lisa Hine, Sammi-Jo Matta, Tiffany McBroom, Miranda Millane, Holly Walton, Jarrod Wendt, Mya Wilson, Tara Scott, Ashlea Sergakis, Tara Wood and Kitty Yiu.


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