Meet our Artists

Employed by QArt Studio, talented artists with a disability enjoy a supportive and fun environment to pursue the development of their artistic talents. Working in the purpose-built studio, artists enjoy access to tools and supports to enable the creative expression of their particular talent, whether it be ceramics, painting, drawing or mixed media. Each member of the team brings their own experiences and together they create the unique mix of artworks available through our gallery.

Ashlea Hill

Ashlea is a natural illustrator with a skill for detail and intricate design. With her warmth and caring personality, Ashlea brings light to our studio

Ayaka Soga

With a bright and colourful palette, Ayaka uses flat plains of colour which clash to produce a vibrant effect.

Eddie Mudford (1942-2008)

Eddie was a truly gifted artist with a natural flair for depicting animals with an innocent charm and humour. He produced a vast collection of work during his time at QArt Studio, the most popular of which remain available reproduced as canvas prints and art tiles as well as other art products and gifts.

Holly Walton

Holly’s dream was to work as a Greeting Card Designer so she is enjoying her professional career as a visual artist and designer.

Jarrod Wendt

As a natural artist, Jarrod delivers an interpretation and sense of design to his work.

John Bates

John Bates is an artist with a national and international reputation. His work has featured in several overseas exhibitions and is represented in many private collections.

Jordan Dymke

Bold and definite colour is the backbone of Jordan's strong images. Working collaboratively with other artists, Jordan is learning new techniques to use in his practice.

Kane Cross

Kane loves dots and geometric designs on bright colours. He combines this with his love of animals to create vibrant paintings.

Kevin Keane (1958-2015)

Kevin was a prolific artist who created forests of butterflies and birds as well as larger-than-life, densely-coloured fish. His work remains an inspiration to the younger artists in practice at the Studio today. Kevin’s work is amongst the most popular works at the Gallery, his original works have been reproduced in prints, and are featured throughout the products.

Kitty Yiu

Kitty is a young and gifted artist with a flair for depicting the animals, fish and birds with an innocent and curious charm.

Lisa Hine

Lisa is a very talented quilt-maker and embroiderer with a great sense of colour and texture. Lisa has combined her talents to produce canvasses that are painted and embroidered, giving her works a fascinating dimension.

Lucette Crozier

Lucette uses ink and bright colours to create stunning patterns that reflect flowers and plants.

Miranda Millane

Miranda has a wonderful natural talent for drawing and painting - whether it is her flowers, hearts or coloured birds gazing up to the stars.

Ralph Dawson

Ralph’s work has appeared in many exhibitions both in Australia and overseas. His work is colourful, rhythmic and prolific.

Reeve King

Reeve is a young artist with a natural flair for illustrating. His pen and pencil drawings are geometric, patterned and mirrored.

Sarah Gibson

Sarah is a dynamic artist and is excited by life! Sarah uses colour in bold, bright strokes to create her fantasy themed paintings. Sarah is friendly, outgoing and enthusiastic about learning new skills.

Shelby Gardner

Shelby has been drawing since she was a little girl and has a great innate sense of design and colour. Her work is intricate and whimsical, and although her colour palette is bold it still retains a fairy-like quality.

Sonja Kan

Sonja has a wonderful sense of humour and this aspect of her personality is reflected in mischievous depictions of her fellow artists in her paintings and drawings. While Sonja no longer works with QArt Studio, her art is still available through the gallery.

Stefan Farina

Stefan possesses a real skill and enthusiasm for his natural talent, and his zest for art is exciting. His work is bold and expressive, and his use of bright colours makes his paintings eye-catching.

Steven Wears

Steven is an artist with a long record of exhibitions and shows to his credit. Steven’s style is strong and directional with a vibrancy of colour.

Tara Wood

Dancing her way into the studio, Tara draws on her natural style to create soft fabric-like works.

Tiffany McBroom

Tiffany possesses a natural sense of colour and shape and combines these well as her images sit beside, overlap and intersect each other.

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